Have you ever heard someone mention an “RSL drink” and wondered what it is? The answer might surprise you. Unlike a specific cocktail or beverage, the term “RSL drink” holds a different meaning depending on the context. This article investigates what is RSLs? It explore the common misconception, popular choices at these clubs, and the true essence of these community centers. We will go beyond the drinks to understand the rich history and multifaceted offerings of RSL clubs, revealing their significance in Australian society.

What is RSL Drink?

RSL drink is not a specific beverage, but rather a reference to the diverse drinks offered at Returned and Services League of Australia clubs. These community centers cater to varied preferences with options like beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks, and even mocktails. While drinks are available, RSL clubs focus on fostering community, supporting veterans, and offering various activities, making them vibrant social hubs beyond just beverages.

1. RSL as an Organization

Before delving into drinks, it’s crucial to understand the acronym “RSL.” It commonly stands for “Returned and Services League of Australia,” a veteran’s organization established in 1916. These organizations serve as social hubs for veterans, their families, and the broader community, offering various facilities and activities.

2. The Misconception: A Specific RSL Drink?

Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t a single, specific beverage designated as the “RSL drink.” RSL clubs typically function as community centers with bars or restaurants offering a diverse range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. This selection caters to varied preferences and dietary needs, ensuring everyone finds something enjoyable.

3. Popular Choices at RSL Clubs

While there’s no single “RSL drink,” these community centers boast a diverse selection of beverages catering to various tastes and preferences. Here’s a glimpse into some popular choices you might encounter:

1. Beer: As the go-to drink in many social settings, beer reigns supreme at RSL clubs. Expect to find a refreshing selection of popular Australian lagers like XXXX Gold, VB, and Carlton Draught, alongside a growing presence of craft beers from local breweries.

2. Wine: Wine enthusiasts are well-catered to with a wide range of options. From crisp whites like Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay to bold reds like Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, both local and international labels grace the wine lists, ensuring there’s something for every palate.

3. Spirits: For those seeking stronger options, RSL clubs offer a variety of spirits and liquors. Popular choices include whiskey, vodka, gin, and rum, allowing for classic cocktails like whiskey sours, gin and tonics, or even creating your own personalized concoction.

4. Soft Drinks: Recognizing the importance of non-alcoholic options, RSL clubs stock a wide variety of soft drinks. From classic colas and juices to sugar-free alternatives, these beverages cater to designated drivers, individuals seeking lighter options, or simply those who prefer a refreshing non-alcoholic drink.

5. Mocktails: The growing demand for flavorful yet non-alcoholic options hasn’t gone unnoticed. Many RSL clubs now offer creative and refreshing mocktails, featuring exciting combinations of juices, syrups, herbs, and spices, providing a delightful alternative for those abstaining from alcohol.

 4. Beyond Beverages: The True Essence of RSL Clubs

It’s essential to remember that the primary purpose of RSL clubs extends far beyond offering drinks. They serve as crucial community centers, fostering social connections, supporting veterans, and providing various activities and events. Their focus lies on inclusivity, offering something for everyone, regardless of age, background, or personal preferences.

5. The “RSL Drink” as a Cultural Reference

In certain contexts, the term “RSL drink” might be used jokingly or metaphorically. It could imply a casual drink enjoyed at an RSL club, often associated with socializing and community gatherings. However, it’s important to understand that this is not a literal reference to a specific beverage but rather a cultural allusion to the social atmosphere fostered by these clubs.

6. Understanding Context is Key

Ultimately, deciphering the meaning of “RSL drink” relies heavily on context. If you encounter this term, consider the surrounding conversation, location, or cultural references to grasp its intended meaning.

7. Exploring RSL Clubs: Beyond the Drinks

Instead of solely focusing on the perceived existence of an “RSL drink,” consider exploring the true essence of RSL clubs. They offer a welcoming environment for individuals and families, hosting various activities like:

Dining: Many RSL clubs boast restaurants or cafes serving delicious meals, often featuring traditional Australian fare alongside contemporary options.

Entertainment: Live music, trivia nights, bingo, and even bowling alleys are some of the entertainment options available at certain RSL clubs, catering to diverse interests.

Commemoration: RSL clubs play a significant role in commemorating Australia’s military history and honoring veterans through various events and initiatives.

Is there a specific drink called “RSL drink”?

No, there is no single beverage designated as the “RSL drink.” RSL clubs offer a diverse selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to cater to various preferences and dietary needs.

What kind of drinks can I find at RSL clubs?

Beer: Popular Australian lagers and craft beers.

Wine: Local and international labels, both red and white.

Spirits: Whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, and others for classic cocktails or personalized choices.

Soft Drinks: Colas, juices, and sugar-free alternatives.

Mocktails: Creative and refreshing non-alcoholic options.

Why is there no specific “RSL drink”?

RSL clubs prioritize inclusivity, offering something for everyone. They focus on fostering a welcoming community space with diverse activities and catering to various preferences, not just specific drinks.

What else do RSL clubs offer besides drinks?

RSL clubs are multifaceted community centers offering various activities and amenities, including:

Dining: Restaurants or cafes serving delicious meals.

Entertainment: Live music, trivia nights, bingo, bowling alleys, and more.

Commemoration: Events and initiatives honoring veterans and Australian military history.

Why is understanding the context of “RSL drink” important?

The term can be used metaphorically to refer to a casual drink enjoyed at an RSL club, highlighting the social atmosphere. Understanding the context helps grasp the intended meaning, avoiding confusion about a specific beverage.


Understanding the true meaning that what is RSL drink? It requires looking beyond a literal interpretation. While there’s no specific beverage associated with the term, RSL clubs offer a diverse selection of drinks to cater to various preferences. However, their core value lies in fostering a sense of community, supporting veterans, and providing a welcoming space for individuals and families to connect and engage in various activities. So, the next time you encounter the term “RSL drink,” remember its broader cultural context and the valuable role these clubs play in Australian society.