Forget sugary mocktails and say hello to a sophisticated world of non-alcoholic beverages with Little Saints drink. This innovative brand goes beyond the typical, offering flavorful concoctions designed to tantalize your taste buds and elevate your sober experience.

Little Saints Drink Ingredients

The exact ingredients in Little Saints drinks can vary depending on the specific flavor, but they generally include:

  • Base
  • Water
  • Organic Lion’s Mane mushroom extract
  • Organic Reishi mushroom extract
  • Botanical terpenes 
  • Spices and herbs 
  • Natural sweeteners 
  • Natural flavors
  • Citric acid
  • Potassium Sorbate 

Little Saints Drink Nutrition Facts

The Little Saints Drink Nutrition Facts (per 2 oz serving)

  • Calories: 5
  • Fat: 0 g
  • Saturated Fat: 0 g
  • Trans Fat: 0 g
  • Cholesterol: 0 mg
  • Carbohydrates: 1 g
  • Fiber: 0 g
  • Sugars: 0 g
  • Protein: 0 g
  • Sodium: 30 mg

Little Saints Drink Flavor

The Little Saints currently offers four distinct flavors, each boasting a unique profile:

Negroni Spritz: This citrusy and bittersweet concoction captures the essence of the classic Negroni cocktail, minus the alcohol. Think sparkling orange, balanced with botanical notes and a touch of bitterness.

Spicy Margarita: This zesty and vibrant drink channels the spirit of the margarita, offering a tequila-like warmth without the alcohol. Expect a blend of lime, jalapeno, and agave nectar for a refreshing and invigorating experience.

Paloma: This light and citrusy beverage evokes the essence of the Paloma cocktail. Imagine a grapefruit explosion complemented by subtle sweetness and a touch of salt for a well-rounded taste.

Ginger Mule: This spicy and refreshing drink is reminiscent of the Moscow Mule, minus the vodka. Expect a powerful ginger kick balanced with lime and a touch of sweetness for a satisfying and invigorating experience

Little Saints Drink Side Effects

Little Saints, a popular brand of non-alcoholic mocktails, has gained attention for its unique flavors and potential health benefits. However, it’s essential to be aware of potential side effects and considerations before incorporating them into your routine.

CBD: While generally well-tolerated, CBD can cause mild side effects like dry mouth, drowsiness, fatigue, diarrhea, and decreased appetite in some individuals.

Adaptogens: These natural ingredients can have varying effects depending on the individual and may interact with certain medications. It’s crucial to research specific adaptogens used in Little Saints and consult a healthcare professional if you have any concerns.

Botanical Terpenes: While generally considered safe, some terpenes might have mild psychoactive effects or interact with medications. Research the specific terpenes used in Little Saints flavors you consume.

Sugar content: While not excessively sugary, some Little Saints flavors contain added sugars. Individuals with specific dietary restrictions or concerns should consider sugar content before consumption.

Individual allergies or sensitivities: Some individuals may have allergies or sensitivities to ingredients like mushrooms, botanical terpenes, or specific fruits used in Little Saints. Check the ingredients list carefully and consult a healthcare professional if you have any concerns.

Little Saints Drink Health Benefits

While Little Saints primarily focuses on offering delicious and sophisticated non-alcoholic beverage options, some of their ingredients might hold potential health benefits:

1. Lion’s Mane Mushroom:

The St. Ember variety of Little Saints contains 100mg of Lion’s Mane mushroom extract. This adaptogenic mushroom has been traditionally used in Eastern medicine and is being studied for its potential benefits in:

Cognitive function: Studies suggest it may support memory, focus, and learning.

Mood and anxiety: Some research indicates potential benefits for reducing anxiety and improving mood.

Nerve growth factor (NGF) support:¬†Lion’s Mane may stimulate the production of NGF,¬†which is important for nerve cell health and regeneration.

2. Botanical Terpenes

Some Little Saints flavors contain botanical terpenes, which are naturally occurring aromatic compounds found in plants. While research on their individual effects is ongoing, terpenes are generally believed to contribute to the aroma and potential health benefits of plants. Some terpenes may offer:

Relaxation and stress reduction: Certain terpenes, like linalool, are associated with calming and relaxing effects.

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties: Some terpenes exhibit antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, potentially contributing to overall health.

What is Little Saints?

Little Saints is a brand of non-alcoholic beverages designed to offer a sophisticated and flavorful experience without the alcohol. They claim to go beyond typical sugary mocktails and provide a more complex and enjoyable alternative.

What are the ingredients in Little Saints?

The ingredients vary depending on the flavor, but generally include water, natural flavors, citric acid, and botanical extracts. The St. Ember variety also contains Lion’s Mane mushroom extract.

Are there any health benefits to Little Saints?

While Little Saints primarily focuses on flavor, some ingredients like Lion’s Mane mushroom and botanical terpenes have potential health benefits, including cognitive support, stress reduction, and antioxidant properties. However, more research is needed and consulting a healthcare professional is recommended before consuming for specific health purposes.

Is Little Saints safe to drink?

Little Saints are generally considered safe for most people. However, if you have any underlying health conditions or concerns, it’s essential to consult a healthcare professional before consuming them.

Where can I buy Little Saints?

Little Saints can be purchased online through their website and are also available at select retailers.

Are Little Saints vegan?

Yes, all Little Saints flavors are currently vegan.

Do Little Saints contain any sugar?

Little Saints contain minimal to no added sugar. They achieve their sweetness primarily through natural flavors and other ingredients like agave nectar.

Can pregnant or breastfeeding women drink Little Saints?

Due to the limited research on the safety of certain ingredients during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare professional before consuming Little Saints if you fall into these categories.


Little Saints transcends the realm of typical mocktails, offering a sophisticated and flavorful experience for those seeking delicious alternatives to alcoholic beverages. With diverse options like the citrusy Negroni Spritz or the spicy Ginger Mule, Little Saints caters to various taste preferences.

Beyond the delightful flavors, some ingredients like Lion’s Mane mushroom and botanical terpenes hold potential health benefits, including cognitive support, stress reduction, and antioxidant properties. However, it’s crucial to remember that further research is needed and consulting a healthcare professional is advised if you have any health concerns.

Ultimately, Little Saints prioritizes flavorful enjoyment while offering a glimpse into the potential of functional, non-alcoholic beverages. So, raise a glass and embark on a delicious journey of elevated sobriety with Little Saints.